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20.09.2011 21:40 - Super Mario Land 3D
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One of the most anticipated games come in the coming months for sale, this is the fun Mario game Super Mario 3D Land, which will be available from November 13 for the Nintendo 3DS. image In this new and entertaining game, you can enjoy the adventures of Mario Bros is a very attractive format, which is designed for the enjoyment of all players, in this new 3D game, we can see the tricks and costumes classic juego Mario Bros obviously with a more futuristic as we have seen in previous versions.
The Juego de Mario in 3D, has new tricks that are sure to be enjoyed at large, an example of these new tricks is the possibility for our little friend to teleport from one stage to another game, which obviously is a great advantage for all players.
Only recently has released the logo of the new juegos de Mario Bros, which has some striking letters and a raccoon tail end of the sentence, which tells us that power will be the main weapon we can get in the game.
Also we can see Luigi Bros on stage with the same powers to his brother, now I just need to get the date announced by Nintendo to keep all players happy to wait quite alert to new news from this entertaining game.

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